Good Ways to Learn About EQ

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

An excellent booksummarizing new research with more than 500,000 people worldwide. Emphasis on practical strategies anyone canpick up and useto increase their EQ.A big plus with this book is the FREE Internet-based Emotional Intelligence Appraisal test that comes with each copy.Book has a foreword by Patrick Lencioni and endorsements from The Dalai Lama, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and others.


Very engaging emotionalintelligence training video that uses clips from Hollywood movies, television and real world events toillustrate emotional intelligence in action.Received a 3-star rating from TrainingMedia Review.

Emotional Intelligence PowerPoint 2.0

A powerful training program with four hours of material that brings emotional intelligence (EQ) to life through research, activities, and clips from Hollywood films that play right from your slides!

EQ Testing, Training,and Selection

Emotional intelligence tests and traininghave becomehighlyreputable methods for teaching critical skills.

Emotional Intelligence Appraisal

A best selling test that measures emotional intelligence in Daniel Goleman's model.

Emotional Intelligence Interviewing Guide

Helps you to select candidates based on emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence Training Certification Program

A classroom training program with 1 and 2 day formats.

EQ Research

Research on emotional intelligence during the last 5 years has been intense. Many studies have connected emotional intelligence to important outcomes in life.

Free Emotional Intelligence Articles

Emotional intelligence articles covering a variety of topics including the relationship between EQ and age, gender, job title, job function, etc. Really great resource with many new articles each month.

The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence


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